A simple and effective way of provisioning internet networks

InCa NMS integrated provisioning system

InCa NMS is an integrated management, provisioning, and monitoring system. The InCa framework provides great flexibility and scalability for any operator regardless of its size. We provide systems for both DOCSIS and GPON operators which assures a smooth technology transition in a mission critical environment. InCa is a platform to different organizational layers at the same time. 

It provides valuable functions for subscriber, device, and service management and it is a great overall tool for NOC or customer service team during their daily subscriber support activity. InCa can be easily integrated to any external systems via its REST or SOAP/XML API. External system can be a CRM/Billing, a customer portal, a self-care portal, a pre-paid portal and many more.

InCa key features

Multi-vendor auto provisioning

Managing different vendors at the same time from the same system. InCa offers the same procedures for every user, no matter what systems you are using. With its unique intelligent auto provisioning feature, the whole provisioning process can be automated.

Subscriber management

With its proper subscriber management function, InCa provides a comprehensive information about all the subscribers, devices, and services. You will know who is using a service, where, and what is the contact information.

Device management

It does not matter if a device needs a special configuration file, an XML file, ACS for TR-069 or any other. You can be sure that InCa will provide the necessary and valid configurations for the registered devices, including OLT-s and CMTS-es.

Service management

Our software includes service provisioning with IP address management with IPoE and PPPoE support, bandwidth control, data traffic caps, and more. You can provision a service for a certain period only, and you can register changes for future dates. InCa controls all the services on your network.


InCa displays current and historical status information about any service, device, or the whole network. As you can get overall as well as per subscriber diagnostics, it is an excellent NOC, technician, and customer support tool with alerting functions.

Map visualization

You can assign any of your subscriber to a map point, or you can define your own objects on the map. It helps finding network segment issues and can make your fiber network administration easier. You can filter displayed items by device status, service type or other criteria.

Open Access support

Besides having different access levels and permission schemas for InCa users, the software supports creating provider zones in the system. So, you have a physical network which is utilized by multiple providers, even with multiple billing connections? Or having areas with dedicated technical staff and access should be restricted to a certain area or to a group of devices? InCa is supporting both!


Provisioning is a key element in an ISP infrastructure, so it is essential to be able to connect it to other systems too. Our industry standard interfaces provide multi-level access to API users. With its feature rich functions, you can send or retrieve data, and you can have full control of the system procedures.

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