About us

InCa Software is a privately owned company, coming from the cable ISP world in the mid 90s

InCa as a product started as a specific provisioning software solution for local companies, but in the last two decades the company and the software evolved to a complete framework for device and service management to any cable internet service provider on the globe.

InCa provides a technology-aware approach where our colleagues fully understand the device environment on the network, what assures that InCa is a very efficient, valuable partner, not only a software developer company.

For now, InCa became a well-known software and service provider in the region and in many parts of the world.

Our portfolio


Multi-vendor software system for device,
service, and subscriber provisioning


24/7 support,
system planning
and configuration


Architecture design,
service development,
custom software development


We can deliver all the devices you need to build,
develop or maintain your network from A-Z

We have live references
from more than 20 countries of the world